Best blessed olive oil

Blessed Anointing Oil — Olive Oil Pomace (Original)

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This item is our original Anointing Oil design, which will be discontinued when sold out.

  • 100% Organic Olive Oil Pomace — ONLY

  • 12 ml Glass crystal and tarnish-resistant gold colored metal.

  • Packaged in 4" x 4" gold-foil molded gift box.

  • Prayer!!!

  • Makes a perfect gift and Prayer Journal Accessory.

Primary Use: To be applied to a person (forehead, back of neck, hands and feet), home, and/or personal items as an act of faith, in accordance with your prayer for said person(s) and items to be set aside and dedicated for the plans, favor, protection and purposes of God; in Jesus' Name by the power of His Divine Spirit! Primary Ingredients: 100% Olive Oil Pomace