Blessed Anointing Oil

AFW - Blessed Anointing Oil (Olive Oil, Frankincense and Myrrh Blend)

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  • 100% Organic Olive Oil Pomace, Frankincense and Myrrh Essential Oil Blend (80/20).

  • 12 ml Glass crystal and tarnish-resistant gold colored metal.

  • Packaged in 4" x 4" gold-foil molded gift box.

  • Prayer!!!

  • Makes a perfect gift and Prayer Journal Accessory.

Primary Use: To be applied to a person (forehead, back of neck, hands and feet), home, and/or personal items as an act of faith, in accordance with your prayer for said person(s) and items to be set aside and dedicated for the plans, favor, protection and purposes of God; in Jesus' Name by the power of His Divine Spirit! Primary Ingredients: Olive Oil Pomace (Refined) Pure Frankincense & Myrrh Essential

Oil Blend Disclaimer: Our Frankincense and Myrrh anointing oil is comprised of a balanced Olive Oil Pomace (80+%) and pure essential oil blend to allow for everyday average skin application.

However, for those with a history of sensitive skin, we recommend either purchasing Pure Olive oil Pomace or the following:

- Conduct a skin patch test by placing a pea sized amount on the inner forearm, behind the knees, or on the back.

- If there is any burning or itching, wash the area off with soap and water.  For a more rapid removal from the skin, pour a fat soluble liquid such as milk or olive oil over the affected area.

- If after 24 hours there is no reaction to the skin patch test area, it is safe to use.