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Frequently Asked Questions

Our operating hours are Monday thru Friday 9:30 AM—6:00 PM.

We generally respond to inquires rather quickly during that time, either via live chat or email. 

However, here's a few answers to our most common inquiries that may save you a submission.

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  1. What's the difference between Affirm The Word: The Spiritual Practice and the Prayer Journal?
    Affirm The word is a published book complied by J. Marie Jones that contains 700+ indexed scriptures, affirmations, prayers and reflections on over 80 topics (i.e anxiety, marriage, prosperity, and faith to name a few). Is has a few prayer journal pages in the back.

    Our Prayer Journal contains scripture sections from the book of Psalms, Proverbs and select letters from the Pauline Epistles. It also includes writing prompts, plenty of sections to write one's prayers and a section for answred prayers.
  2. I received a shipping update with my expected delivery date and now it's different. What's going on with my delivery?
    If your tracking info still states "In Transit", then your order definately is still on its way. Unfortunately, the USPS has the right to modify its tacking info based on their capacity. We have absolutely no control over this. This issues is even more common with the Media Mail shipping option, which is what we use for book orders with FREE shipping selected.

    That is why we STRONGLY suggest that customers select a paid shipping option if they need their order by a certain time.
  3. My tracking info is showing my order was delivered, but it's not here. What should I do?
    You must contact your local post office ASAP so the postmaster can locate the mail carrier who delivered your order. They will then confirm exactly where the package was delivered. Unfortunately, we are unable to intervene once the package is scanned as "delivered". 
  4. How can I download my Affirm The Word e-Book so I can print it out?
    Our e-Books are traditional cloud-based e-books (like Kindle) that require an internet connection to read. Therefore you can not download them to a local hard drive or print them out. 

    If you would like a printed copy, you are welcome to order either a paperback our hardcover spiral copy from our shop.
  5. How and where are your books made?
    We design all our hardcover spiral journals, which are printed domestically and overseas. Most of our devotionals and prayer books are published by Broadstreet Publishing.
  6. How and where are your apparel items made?
    Our apparel and some of our accessories (i.e. mugs, bags, etc) are printed on-demand right here in the USA. They are Made-To-Order, which means each apparel or accessory item is specially made just for you!

    We support American manufacturing and are constanty researching ways to produce our products as close to home as possible. We also offer free shipping nationwide for orders over $75, so you can both order and enjoy our apparel anywhere! Once your order is paid, we begin processing your items, which usually take between 5—7 days. Made-To-Order items usually ship within a day of completion and arive within 5 days.
  7. Do you take wholesale journal orders?
    Yes! Our wholesale pricing starts at 25 journals, since our Buy One, Get One half off offer extends up to 24 journals. This offer is essentially 25% off each book for every two journals ordered. Therefore, our next tier of discounts don't begin until a total of 25+ journals are ordered.

    If you would like to order 25+ journals, email us at and we'll setup a quote.

    A note on engraving: We've also been asked about a discount on engraving prayer journals for wholesale orders. This is something we consider on a case-by-case basis depending on the order volume, but discount consideration for engraving begins at 25+ journals.
  8. Do you donate books and journals for special causes and/or events?
    We absolutely do, on a case-by case basis. However, this is not generally to individuals who believe "they" are a special cause, or who want us to donate a free book to a signifigant other on their behalf "just because". If you believe you have a worthy cause, where people who are truly in need could benefit from our products, please email us at and we'll be happy to take a look.
  9. I placed an order for 2 (or more) Blemished Beauty journals and all of them were refunded except one. Why?
    Per our product description, our Blemished Beauty journals are brand new books that have slightly blemished covers. Instead of throwing them out, we offer them to customers in need for only the $3.99 cost of media mail shipping. 

    We charge this nominal price because we have found that people generally don't appreciate things they don't pay for. That said, we don't come across blemished books often and want to be sure that everyone who genuinally wants, but can't afford one has the opportunity to get one. That is why we only offer one per customer, and WILL absolutely cancel and refund attempts to order additional copies.