" Journaling is something I've used so that I could stay focused and encouraged in my work. I truy believe it saved my life."

J. Marie Jones
Founder, Affirm The Word Literary

" Journaling is something I've used so that I could stay focused and encouraged in my work. I truy believe it saved my life."

J. Marie Jones
Founder, Affirm The Word Literary



Affirm The Word Literary was founded by a mom with a passion for sharing God's message of love, and the transformative power of affirming HIS word over one's life.



We create beautiful, yet durable spiritual tools that equip believers in their pursuit of daily prayer, worship and fellowship with God.

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We not only guarantee the quality of our products, but do our best to provide world-class customer service to the glory of God.

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Our Story

Affirm the Word Literary was born with a vision to provide Believers with the spiritual tools needed to build their faith and enhance their spiritual practice. When used daily, our beautifully designed products will become a part of your everyday life, helping you to carve your very own path of personal development and spiritual growth.

Our Mission

Our chief goal is to be an established resource of inspiration for Believers and spiritual Seekers all over the world, by providing exceptional spiritual resources that enable them to strengthen their relationship with God and live out the highest expression of their true self. It is therefore our mission to generate a positive impact on both our local and global community, by promoting faith in God as the foundation to personal growth and spiritual wellbeing.
I started Affirm The Word Literary in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic after realizing there were many people of all backgrounds, suffering with various common life issues, (divorce, anxiety, family conflict, low self-worth, etc.) and no idea of what to do. For me, journaling and daily affirmations is a spiritual practice. I truly believe that this outlet saved my life, by helping me navigate the aftermath of my divorce, overcome a seemingly impossible work issue, and reverse diagnosed behavioral and academic issues with our child.

The Power of Journaling Prayers!


#1 Personal Record of God's Mercy

There's nothing like calling on God and seeing him answer. Sadly, when trouble comes, many of us forget the wonders God has performed in our life. Writing down our prayer, and God's answers, helps us stand in confidence that no matter what—God is in control!

#2 Accountability to God's Word

When we write down our prayers, and acknowledge that we will wait on God's supernatural will and timing to manifest in every situation, we can no longer just haul off and do things our way when we don't think God is moving fast enough. Much like a spiritual contract, we are affirming through the written word that we trust and will wait on God.

#3 Helps Align Our Prayers

The word says that there are times when we ask/pray, and do not receive because our prayers are not in alignment with God's will. Writing our prayers down, as we get into God's word helps us to focus on God's will and way concerning our petition, and not ours.


#4 Helps Build Our Faith

God's word instructs us to write the vision he places in our heart and make it plain so that we are inspired to run toward our purpose when we read it. The same can be said about your prayers. They too are a vision that God places in our heart—evidenced when the manifested outcome brings glory to him.

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